ARTIST: Soo Hong

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work explores unrooted human condition which is happening directly and indirectly in contemporary times. Having lived in various countries across Europe, Asia and America, I am not deeply rooted in a particular culture or nationality. I am always elsewhere, being alienated, floating in space. There are two kinds of space in me: the space of intimacy and world space. The act of painting is analogous to nesting in the world and creating an intimate place. I alter my perception of the world into a cosmic, dreamlike atmosphere using abstract components.

I fill the space with bright colors, peculiar shapes, chromatic gradation and fine gestural lines. The surface of the paint ranges from thick and smooth to transparent and translucent. Brush marks and poured paints are directly applied on the surface without sketches. It implements a stream of unconsciousness and an automatism technique, creating innate freedom. Photographs, drawings, spray-paints, oil sticks are combined on a canvas to construct depth and complexity. I consider incorporating new technologies such as design apps and programs into the process, which is a way to embrace painting.

Since early 2000, I have been working with digital image, video, and painting. My painting style has shifted from figurative to abstract and currently I am focusing on abstract painting using new media and applications. Abstract imagery offers infinite possibilities of representing various meanings for everyone. It allows diversity and brings a wider perspective to this world. Abstract art has no boundaries. It gives access to one’s inner and outer experiences through free visual expressions. My abstract painting has evolved continuously and I see various ways to extend.

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