ARTIST: Sarah D. King
Sarah was born and raised near Olympia, WA on Oyster Bay. Her engagement with the creative arts has been a lifelong endeavor. After a career in dance she completed her degree in Hispanic Studies at Columbia University in New York. She returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and it was at this point that she first picked up a camera.
In June of 2019 Sarah completed her Certificate in Fine Art Photography from the Photographic Center Northwest with her culminating body of work, The Dormant Gesture. Her solo show from January-March of 2017 brought together two distinct bodies of work, Emergence and Visum, at the Windermere Mt. Baker exhibition space. As a guest artist she has shown work at Inscape Arts and has exhibited and sold her work at The Photographic Center Northwest’s annual fundraiser for six consecutive years. Her work was selected for Artist Trust’s Benefit in 2017 and in 2016 she was accepted into and completed Artist Trust’s professional development residency in Port Townsend, WA.

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