ARTIST: Nino Yuniardi

I was born in Indonesia and grew up exploring the crowded city of Jakarta, the back woods of Java island, and later the contrastingly fresh air of Seattle. As a teenager, Salvador Dalí, Mr. Tino Sidin (an Indonesian artist cartoonist), and many random design publications from around the world inspired my initial art making.

As a minority kid, I was ethnically Chinese and the majority was not. The kids in my neighborhood constantly bullied and made fun of me. They called me racist names just because I looked different than them. This was the norm for me. Looking back now, I compare this experience to someone saying the N word to an African American kid. Painting helped me cope with the mean-spirited world around me. I smashed that ugly day to the ground and turned it to a super seed of fun.

Now, my art making is a lifelong study in finding my authentic voice. A continuation of learning and responding to my emotions that are calling out to be expressed and interpreted. Embracing the power of paradoxical beauty in all that I do.

My latest paintings are graphical and abstract. They are searching for context and creating an underlying stories. Embracing tension such as dark and light, the raw and refined, the thick and thin. Multiple layers of materials reveal a journey of discovery. The many life cycles, transformation and evolution allowing you the viewer to connect with your own inner voice.

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