GOLDEN Backstage Pass

Join us on Thursday, November 19 (new date!) for GOLDEN Backstage Pass, Shunpike’s virtual fundraiser hosted by Rebecca Mmm Davis of the Stay Up Late Show!

Enjoy performances and conversations from the following artists and community builders.

Crowdsource Choir
Reinventing choir for the 21st century and recovering singing as an ancient communal art form that helps us participate in a magnificent whole.

Rainier Avenue Radio & Tony B. | Founder
South Seattle’s community radio station and media hub dedicated to engaging with critical issues, compelling stories and quality entertainment.

BBOY THESIS | Breakdancer
Known for his musicality and flavor, Thesis is a world champion bboy as both a solo artist and a member of the Massive Monkees hip hop crew.

Ben Hunter | Musician & Community Builder
Multi-instrumentalist who has dedicated his life to transforming the world’s stale status quo into a vibrant, inclusive, communal, and compassionate society.

Gretchen Yanover | Cellist
Takes listeners on a musical journey that transverses atmospheres and explores mood.

Robert Moore | Dancer
A true storyteller through movement, Robert is a contemporary dancer with strong foundations in modern and ballet.

Noelle Price | Dancer
A contemporary creator and Artistic Director of PRICEArts, Noelle’s choreography is dotted with innovation.

June Sekiguchi | Artist
Sculptor and installation artist June Sekiguchi focuses on the metaphorical rather than literal interpretations of the materials she works with.

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