ARTIST: Second Growth
Our group, “Second Growth” has evolved through our employer, John Grade. We are comprised of seven artists who develop and fabricate large-scale sculptural works for John. Tonia Arehart is a Seattle based artist whose work serves to communicate her distinct understanding and experience of the world around her. Her work includes processes of assemblage, painting, and sculpting. She favors earth based plasters, wood, paint, ink and natural found objects utilized to create sculptural wall hangings as a medium for the ideas and stories she wishes to convey. Artist Kite Arner’s work focuses on collection and bronze casting. They are interested in the relationship between that which influences the development of the self and of shaping an object. Kite has a deep appreciation for the beauty found in living nature and is particularly fascinated by the effects natural forces have on animals, plants and their environments. Lalitha Bandaru was born and brought up in India and now lives in Seattle, Washington. She is interested in concepts of urbanity and its effect on ‘land’— encroachment, displacement, dislocation and the bereavement of its identity. Using sculpture and imagery as tools, she focuses extensively on amplifying this unsettling yet very existent ‘shift’ in her work. Lindsey Champlin is an interdisciplinary artist, trained in metalwork, and is a recent arrival to Seattle. Her work explores concepts of identity, perception, relationship and the subtle systems that exist around us and in us. Her processes are deeply rooted in research and often involve strategies of distillation and recombination. Sam Kuniholm’s work concentrates on kinetic sculpture, found object art, and functional design. He is interested in exploring the intersection of fine art objects and functional design objects essentially seeking to justify the existence of nonfunctional objects in a world that favors function. Matthew Soma is a sculptural artist who specializes in kinetic sculptures. The process of his work explores the temporality of material life and often includes the documentation of systems that have a single functional occurrence resulting in a photographic or ceramic artifact as the record. Joe Wilkinson works primarily in clay producing sculpture and wall installations. His work draws on inspiration from cosmology, astronomy, geology, and biology and seeks to shift the perception of patterns and systems observed in the natural world through the introduction of human intervention.

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