Till Writers

Till seeks to foster literary exchange and build community among writers through scalable, affordable, and local writing programs. Open to writers of all genre and stages of their career, Till increases access to the literary world through writing practices, feedback forums, workspaces, literary readings, and publication opportunities. By decreasing barriers to the pursuit of a writing practice, Till cultivates a space for diverse voices and an opening where writers can create, inspire, and grow their craft. We’ve held successful four-day residencies at Smoke Farm in Arlington since 2014. A chapbook of participating writers has come out of each event. We created the opportunity for established writers to hold workshops, share their work in a literary reading, and promote the sales of their books. Since 2016 we’ve expanded Till into Seattle by crafting monthly writing events that encourage people to come together and write. We also host an annual literary reading in Seattle where our residents share the work they contribute to the annual chapbook publication and are vendors at 2-3 book fairs a year.




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