Thingyverse Productions LLC

Thingyverse Productions creates, commissions, and produces cross-disciplinary theater works for babies, with a focus on children under the age of two and their caregivers. We believe that all children have the right to a rich cultural life, and access to performances such as ours has the potential to transform lives. We think of our work as taking place in a kind of metaphorical courtyard; a space into which all are welcomed. While our performances are designed to inspire the imaginations of our youngest humans, we recognize that the adults in our audiences are also given an important opportunity — to laugh with their children, to sing with them, dance with them, and to connect with other families. In making these pieces, we draw from many artistic disciplines, including music, dance, storytelling, sculpture, fiber arts, and visual arts. Our mission is to: (1) provide a platform for creative, artistic, and experimental works for our youngest humans; (2) invite artists that would otherwise not have the opportunity to work with children to collaborate in a work that enriches both artists and children; and (3) create an inclusive “courtyard” for all generations and family types (children / child-free) to model child-raising as a loving collective endeavor, rather than in isolation.




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