South Hudson Music Project

Mission Other Room Music develops, promotes and presents innovative musical collaborations that cross boundaries of genre, culture, generation and neighborhood in order to strengthen and engage our community. Vision Music is the healing force of the universe. It is a powerful language, but it is often expressed in dialects that keep us separate. By forging opportunities for artists and audiences to communicate, share, and explore through music, we can bring our community together to transform our world into a better place for all. Values Other Room Music values: • The power of music and other arts to connect people of diverse cultures, generations and backgrounds. • The power of music and other arts to provoke healthy reflection and debate. • The importance of artists to our community. • The need to make artistic opportunities and dialogue available and accessible to all artists and audiences. • The vital necessity for each generation of artists to reach out to and support those that follow. • The responsibility of artists to educate. • The role of professional performance venues and opportunities in growing and supporting local artists. • The importance of artistic discipline and craft. • The necessity of constant exploration and experimentation. • The need to know and be in dialogue with the history of our art form. Narrative Other Room Music supports non-profit programs at the Royal Room, as well as at other venues in the region, in accordance with the mission, vision and values listed above. In 2009, musician and composer Wayne Horvitz approached longtime Seattle bar, restaurant and venue owners Tia Matthies and Steve Freeborn about partnering on a new project in Seattle. After two years of planning and development the Royal Room opened in historic Columbia City in December 2011. The three entrepreneurs shared the belief that small- to medium-sized performance venues are crucial incubators for developing musical artists. Minton’s Playhouse and the Five-Spot served this function for key jazz innovators such as Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Seattle’s own OK Hotel nurtured the growth of bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. Europe’s great classical music was worked out in the churches and sitting rooms of religious and secular patrons. For six years, the Royal Room has developed and created programs that bring together different genres, generations, cultures and communities. It has supported numerous educational, community and other non-profit groups in their efforts. The Royal Room has brought an entrepreneurial approach to building an accessible, comfortable and professional home for this deliberately intersectional approach to building culture and community. To that end, Seattle’s Other Rooms has been established to provide the necessary support for these programs.




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