Seattle Historical Arts for Kids

Introducing children and teens to 12th-18th century music, dance, theater, and culture since 2005, Seattle Historical Arts for Kids now presents annual theatrical projects, a year-round Renaissance chamber music ensemble, family concerts by our teaching artists, and a variety of performing and non-performing historical arts workshops. At SHAK, young people discover themselves as ambassadors for ancient traditions. Participants gain performing-arts skills, a sense of community, an insider’s experience of past eras, and the chance to inspire a multigenerational audience with the arts of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. Our devotion to the arts of Europe in the time of kings and queens is driven both by appreciation for the value of pre-industrial beauties and crafts and by the creative potential in revisiting these eras with the understanding of a modern multicultural world. We cultivate deep collaborations between skilled professionals and young people of any background, in the belief that touching history helps kids and teens imagine and create a more meaningful future.




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