Partners in Print

Partners in Print is a collective of letterpress artists united in preserving the historical craft of letterpress printing by facilitating educational opportunities and impactful creative partnerships. By furthering the 19-year legacy of the SVC Letterpress Program at the School of Visual Concepts, Partners in Print—powered by Shunpike—continues to wield the power of print for the greater good.

About Letterpress

Letterpress artists use antique raised wooden or metal type and images to create printed work ranging from posters to handmade books. The type is often set by hand, letter by letter, and printed on equipment that is over 100 years old. Letterpress printing takes time and intention—a perfect complement to our fast-paced, high-tech world. This slow mode of printing imparts tangible, lasting, and meaningful import to the work, cutting through the digital noise. When the power of the press is shared, it amplifies voices and becomes a tool for democracy.

Our Partners   

  • With the School of Visual Concepts, we provide accessible, top-notch educational programming that preserves the craft of letterpress printing and engages the larger creative community. 
  • With groundbreaking creative thinkers in our Designer in Residence Program, we produce meaningful projects that positively impact and contribute to the legacy of the printed word, the environment, indigenous culture, and Seattle’s rapidly changing landscape. 




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