Latino Theatre Projects

Mission–We inform, enlighten, and engage audiences through presentation of thought-provoking literature, what we term “useful theatre” or “Teatro Útil.” Furthermore, we seek to engage the Latino community in a variety of theatre-based activities to empower and integrate its members through these artistic expressions. Primary purpose–The primary purpose of Latino Theatre Projects (LTP) is to produce plays from Latin America and the Caribbean presenting diverse cultural worlds that allow theater audiences to more fully understand the Latinx experience in the twenty-first century. Latinx is a heterogeneous term that includes the diversity of all Spanish-speaking and indigenous cultures existing in the US from Mexico, the Caribbean, Spain, Central and Latin America, and the complexities which arise from the intersections of these cultures with non-Latinx cultures. We present relevant diverse stories from Latin America that illuminate the Latino experience in the 21st Century and we bring people together—We believe it is extremely important that people of different cultures in Seattle establish dialogue, understanding and innovate together. We also believe in doing plays where women are empowered protagonists in the stories we are telling. Other activities–In the past year, we have expanded our program offerings to include cultural music events. Although we are not currently engaged, we also provide theatre arts education for children.




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