Fab5’s mission is empowering young people to become creative leaders who inspire change in their surroundings. Through after school programs, local partnerships, and community events, Fab5 reaches 1200 community members and works intensively with upwards of 450 youth yearly through free arts education programming. Fab5 as an organization is unique in that over it’s 17 year history: our leaders have always been young people (27 and younger) who’ve started as program participants, and we’ve never had any employees (full time or part time). As an organization we also reach some of the most marginalized youth populations in our community. According to our 2015 program participant data 91% of our participants were between 12-22 years old; 79% qualified for free or reduced lunch, ethnic demographics showed 32% of participants identified as Black/African American, 21% identified as Asian/Pacific Islander, 19% identified as Hispanic/Latino, 2% identified as Native American, 21% identified as MultiRacial people of color, and 5% identified as White/Caucasian. Because of these statistics and the way our organization was founded, we make all of our regular operating programs free to ensure they are accessible and barrier free to all participants.




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