Crowdsource Choir

Crowdsource Choir is a monthly drop-in choir that is reinventing choir for the 21st century (no tryouts, no commitment, singing popular songs), without historical baggage (no religious requirements, meeting in public venues), and recovering singing as an ancient communal art form that helps us participate (no performer/spectator divide) in a magnificent whole (no divas, only all of us). Crowdsource Choir meets the first Thursday of every month from 8-10pm at the Hillman City Collaboratory. It is open to the public and free to attend. The choir is an experience of that magnificent whole, of authentic community, which requires participation. In a lot of ways we’ve lost this cultural sense of participation in the choir and more broadly as participants in a community. Crowdsource Choir helps recover this at a primal union level, like what we experienced as children before the subject/object split of the divided world took over. It also brings body/mind/world/self back together again and is a way to participate with our voices in the healing and wholing of the world in a very accessible, local context.




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